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The Issue

After each of the co-founders experienced their own reproductive health conditions, and found few outlets to discuss their feelings and concerns about these difficulties, they realized they wanted to change that. After a bit of research, they found that approximately 50% of college-aged women+ have reproductive health conditions or concerns. Further, the  CDC estimates that one in ten women experience infertility. Many other women+ also face reproductive health issues that complicate fertility and daily life. 

Yet, despite this high prevalence, the topic remains taboo. Women+ often feel uncomfortable speaking up about their experiences, leading to reported feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, and loss of control. Even when efforts have been made to curb these issues, the current solutions have failed to provide women with a secure, trusting, and organized space to come together. That's where we hope to help!


Social connection improves medical outcomes and the overall well-being of individuals faced with health complications through decreased depressive symptoms and decreased levels of stress, illustrating the need for socialization in achieving wellness. To have a space that allows us to connect, to find others with similar experiences, and to find resources, is essential for the wellbeing of women living reproductive health concerns and gynecological conditions.


We want a space where women feel comfortable: where they feel accompanied, cared for, and informed in a safe space. 

This is where Lotus comes in.

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