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 Let's open up the discussion about women+'s reproductive health.

Gen Z’s first reproductive health network.

We are revolutionizing the conversation around women+ health issues by creating an online space for young women+. We welcome the discussion of  reproductive health concerns, gynecological conditions, and infertility. This community is based on providing support, advice, connection, and conversation surrounding women+ specific health conditions and concerns. 


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Download Lotus today on the App Store to join our online community! We are building a safe space for young women+ to be able to speak freely about their reproductive health. Join us!


How it works

Connect with other women+ through our social media app! Create groups. Post blogs. Message friends. Discover accurate medical resources. It is time to break the stigma surrounding the discussion of women+ health-related concerns.


This community is built for all women+ who want to engage with others to discuss reproductive and gynecological health. 

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